Cakes by Waneta was officially created in 2013 by Waneta Newell. From the age of 13, I’ve always had a passion for baking and when I attempted my son’s first birthday cake at 19, then grew an enthusiasm to start decorating cakes for close friends and family. 


After attending a few birthday parties, and teaching myself how to do different techniques with sugar-paste and buttercream, I then noticed something missing at these parties. I noticed a lot of parents would pay a vast amount of money for the party venue, theme and food, but when it came down to the birthday cake there was clearly not enough budget left to buy. So they would find themselves going to the local supermarkets in a rush, searching for a cake that is not damaged and to fit the existing theme of the party and with the hopes of it feeding the 20 + kids they’ve already catered for. 

I would ask a lot of the parents why they didn’t go to any of the big brands and their simple reply was, their products are too small, expensive and limited in design.

From that moment onwards, I obtained a Level 2 Food Safety in Hygiene and Food Safety in Retail, I created my business from home with the aim to provide a custom cake service which would range from sugar-paste, buttercream, royal icing and various different cake techniques that I’ve learnt throughout the years at an affordable price.


Over the years, my cake skills grew and we now provide bespoke cakes and cupcakes.

We are growing our brand to provide brownies, cinnamon buns, cookies and sugar cookies and start new ventures in the near future,