All set custom cakes are buttercream, for fondant cakes please enquire.


Make a set custom cake your own, by choosing your own sponge and filling!

Round cakes available in 8" (Prices will vary)

Moana Striped Drip Cake


6" Cake 

4 colour vanilla British buttercream stripes, white chocolate drips with two-toned wave buttercream swirls, with chocolate hazelnut wafer sticks, fondant shells, clams & green leaves; a digestive biscuit sand; with handmade plumeria flowers topped with Moana card toppers.

Minecraft Drip Cake


6" Cake 

Green vanilla British buttercream base, with 54% dark chocolate drips with green buttercream swirls and grass, with 2 fondant TNT boxes, fondant Minecraft squares, toy Steve set on top, Oreos and Minecraft toppers.


Black Bottle Drip Cake


6" Cake 

Black chocolate British buttercream base, with 54% dark chocolate drips with black buttercream swirls, with 4 miniature spirit bottles and a custom "EST d.o.b" card topper.


Peppa Pig Striped Drip Cake


6" Cake 

Pink, blue & white vanilla British buttercream base, with white chocolate drips with 3 colour buttercream swirls and matching large chocolate ball sprinkles, with Peppa Pig card toppers.

Sweet 16 Striped Drip Cake


6" Cake 

Pink & white vanilla British buttercream stripes, with white chocolate drips with pink buttercream swirls, with pink sugar sprinkles & 4 custom card toppers.


Pink Princess Drip Cake


6" Cake 

Pastel pink vanilla British buttercream base, with white chocolate drips with pastel pink buttercream swirls and tiny white pearl sprinkles, with meringues & handmade fondant tiara.

Surpreme Elegance Drip Cake


8" Cake 

Supreme white vanilla British buttercream base cover in pieces of edible 24 carat gold leaf, with bright white chocolate drips and more gold! 8 real velvet red roses with Ferro Rocher and foxes ice mints to represent ice cubes.

(Moet Light-Up Bottle Not Included)

Any bottle can be used for this cake!

All Star Drip Cake


6" Cake 

White vanilla British buttercream crimped scraper base & fondant stars, with 54% dark chocolate drips with white buttercream wave swirls and  fondant stars; fondant happy birthday, topped with stars and silver pearls


Buttercream Sheet Cake


9"x 13" Cake 

White vanilla British buttercream crimped scraper base with, chocolate hazelnut wafer sticks to represent bamboo, handmade plumeria flowers, gum paste shells, blue buttercream wave swirl, digestive biscuit sand & custom A4 Edible Print. 

(Sheet Cakes with A4 Edible Print can be customised to your theme).