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Q) What is the best way to transport my cake or cupcakes?

6" & 8" cakes are best transported in the passenger side footwell of the car on a non-slip mat. 9", 10" & 12"cakes can be placed in the boot on a non slip mat if your footwell is too narrow, but, you have to drive very cautiously; try to avoid speed bumps, drive slowly around bends or roundabouts and no harsh braking as the cake is not directly in view.


Box of 12 cupcakes can also be place on the passenger side footwell on a non-slip mat and a box of 24 or more can be place in the boot on a non-slip mat. DO NOT SEATBELT YOUR CUPCAKES, as that can cause damage to the box then evidentially the cupcakes. 

Spring and Summer weather please be aware all cakes (fondant & buttercream) and cupcakes transported in a car, the aircon will need to be on pending the humidity that day, as the buttercream on the cake/ cupcakes will melt, so to avoid damage please have the aircon on the entire journey. 

Q) How long would my cake last after delivery or collection or when it's cut?

All cakes when collected or delivered will last up to 4 days. When the cake has been cut, please wrap all pieces or the remainder of the cake firm in clingflim and place in the fridge.

Q) How many people would my cake feed?

Please check our cake 'Prices' page, a generic cake cutting guide is available.

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Q) If I were to damage my cake after delivery or collection, what do I do?

Upon and before delivery or collection, we inform customers the best ways to transport your cake safely during the drive or when it gets home; if you or someone else were to damage your cake after we have given it to you, unfortunately we cannot do anything physical as we have given it to you in perfect condition.

Q) I've ordered a buttercream cake, can I leave it on display my entire party or celebration?

It all depends on the temperature in the room of your celebration. If you decide to leave the cake out the entire celebration be sure to keep watch of the cake to make sure the room is not too hot and will melt the buttercream. 

Q) Why can't my cake look exactly like another cake artists?

We take pride in all of our work especially if we have full creative control. We encourage customer to send us images from various social media sites so we can understand their vision, but due to copyright purposes we will not copy a cake to the exact same design. Every cake artist works so hard in producing a piece they are proud of and we would like to feel the same and add our own signature to compliment your occasion.

Q) How far do you deliver?

We deliver up to a 5 mile radius from NW6 & NW10 (all postcode information can be found at checkout under 'Delivery Information' at the bottom of the page). We do charge a small delivery fee, please enquire directly with your postcode and we will let you know.

Q) Do you cater for any dietary needs or requirements?

Unfortunately we do not, hopefully in the near future.

Q) Do I have to pay a deposit? if so, how much and what tender?

Yes. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure order date; if the deposit has not been paid within 2 days of the quote email sent to you, the order date will automatically be available to another customer. We get enquiries daily, so we will not be able to email you if another customer is prepared to pay a deposit on your day. 

All payment information is on the initial quote email sent to you.

Q) Can I change my order whenever I feel like it?

No. You can make amendments in design or cake sponge/ filling 5 days before your order date. If you wanted to change the entire order e.g. cake size or completely new design, that may not be possible depending the existing availability we have. 

Q) What is the required notice for one of your cakes?

14 days to check availability

Q) What is the best way to contact you?

Via our 'Contact Us' page or email: cakesbywaneta@outlook.com. Please give us 2-3 working days to respond.

Direct messages (DM's) via Instagram and Facebook are unmonitored

Q) Do you do samples?

We are looking into doing monthly sample boxes at a set price really soon, for new customers or customers who just love our cakes.

Q) Do you offer refunds, if I cancel and already made a full payment?

The deposit is 50% non-refundable, when you place your order we usually use the deposit to purchase any custom materials to fulfil your cake order. If you cancel with full payment being made, we will return the other 50%. 


If we cancel your order for specific reasoning, we will offer a full refund. (Please enquire for full information).

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